Last week it was our turn to feed a friend. Disco Queen Tanya. We kept it simple, just a roast and a crumble and she stayed over. ‘Do you want to come to the allotment and see my veggies?’ Hot Stuff asked her in the morning. How could a girl refuse! Anyway in the middle of digging up some more of the Jerusalem Artichokes, a prong on our fork snapped. So, Disco Queen Tanya surprised us with this lovely new one. It’s made by Spear and Jackson so should last. The roses in my impromptu photoshoot were another gift from our next door neighbours. We are very spoilt at the moment.

This is our plot. It’s not too bad for one that has just been taken on is it? We’re currently in the process of digging it over deciding what to plant. I thought that there might be only two categories, things that are expensive and/or those that will taste much better than things bought in the shops. But Hot Stuff has suggested that flowers may be on the card too. We’ll cut some to take home and others will be companion plants to keep the beasties away from our veg and provide nutrients. So our allotment might look pretty as well being a food source. Yippee!

We’ve already bought strawberries, raspberries, a tayberry plant and rhubarb. We’ll make room in the back garden for herbs and tomatoes. Here’s our veggie seed list.





French Beans


Pink Fir Apples

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Ruby Chard

Runner Beans

Salad Greens

Spring Onions


With all that lot going in the ground it looks like that the robustness of the new fork will be thoroughly put to the test.

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