I mentioned in a past post about thrifty holiday spending that we don’t go big on shopping for souvenirs. But we do buy a few treats to bring home when we go abroad. So today I thought I’d show off what I brought back from Spain. Don’t worry. There’s no a straw donkey among them.

I’ve been thinking about treating myself to some proper bookmarks rather than using raggedy bits of paper between the pages. One from Fine Cell Work, the prison sewing project has been in my thoughts. But I also saw this one in the cathedral shop at Santiago de Compostela depicting pilgrims and their various modes of travel. At 2.50 Euros it was a steal.

In the same shop I also bought some luscious bar soap as I’m running out at home. Any excuse! It supplemented another honey scented bar that I’d found in a dinky little Portuguese shop.

I treated the boys to Pilgrim Route T-shirts with the iconic arrow that’s a symbol used on the route. I did toy with a scallop shell silver necklace for myself but the quality of the ones that I spied weren’t great. I might make one of my own in the coming months instead.

And food souvenirs of course. What better way to remember a country? Big bottles of olive oil, ordinary and extra virgin, honey, mirabelle plums and more pimenton than you can shake a stick at! There’s stinky blue cheese from Arenas de Cabrales, so strong that I’m the only taker. I forgot to buy Cantabrian anchovies, allegedly the best in the world. Another excuse for a return trip maybe?

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  1. We are walking the Chemin de St Jacques from Cluny to Le Puy en Velay (in bits) My only souvenir so far has been a hand painted (by me) pebble with the stylised yellow cockleshell on a blue background. But if we finish (only done about 18 out of the 250ish km!) I might treat ùyself to something. Or commision a mosaic from you!

    • What a lovely thing to do. I would love to walk some of the route but the old man’s stamina is still unreliable so it’s on hold. I’ve been thinking about a scallop shell mosaic….!

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