Songs Mum Doesn’t Hate

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After a short delay we had word that Louis’ student house in Cardiff was ready to move into. I’d planned a mid week trip to transport my son, his girlfriend, his beloved gaming computer and boxes and bags of goodness knows what . But with a heatwave looming I decided to bring the trip forward and holiday traffic. So we set off from home at just after 8am on Saturday.

The car was packed from floor to ceiling. Thank goodness that I’m used to manoeuvring the motorhome. I’ve got used to being super reliant on wing mirrors rather than the driver’s mirror. The back window was totally obscured. We had planned for Hot Stuff to come and share the driving but thanks to his broken ankle that was out of the question. There definitely wasn’t room for an extra human being especially not a bulky bloke.

My fears of travel hell were ill founded. We made the Welsh capital in good time. After collecting the key, we even found a parking space outside Louis’ new home. It’s a terraced street housing mostly students. I suppose the majority of car owners who normally live there are back pestering their parents. Or Interrailing if students still do that.

The house is fine albeit a bit scruffy. It has a new kitchen, a gravelled back garden, double glazing, central heating and even a washing machine. Student accommodation has come on a lot since my day. Once unloaded we made an extra trip to a local superstore to stock up on two trollies full of household stuff. Lou wasn’t too fussed about the pattern on his duvet but was particularly pleased with a rather swanky set of kitchen knives.

With all that time in the car we needed music that we could agree on. Back in his school days Louis compiled a mix called ‘Songs Mum Doesn’t Hate’. They were tunes that he liked that I didn’t object to vehemently. We used to listen to it on the school run. It came in useful again on our journeys at the weekend. It’s an odd mix of the old and new. Now John Denver may be an odd choice from a teenage boy but we both agree that this song is our absolute joint favourite from the selection.

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  1. Successful move in, I’d say. My daughter used to make me a CD called Madre Mix. Kind of the same concept, of a mix of my music, with songs she thought I’d enjoy. Good luck to Louis.

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