Bass en masse have been spotted in the little cove that is a short walk from our house. Tristan, a local fisherman also released a rare blue lobster there that he had caught. So yesterday Hot Stuff and I went snorkelling to see if we could spot them. This is Louis in a French branch of Decathlon a few years back, He’s modelling the kind of all in masks that we wear. They come highly recommended. Sometimes, if you’re quick you might be able to grab similar kit in the middle of Lidl or Aldi.

No bass unfortunately but even if we hadn’t spotted anything at all it was great to be in the water to cool down. We headed out of the bay along the rocky coastline to the east. There are outcrops where the water is shallow but there are sudden dips into the deep. It’s there we have the best chance of spotting creatures.

So what did we see while snorkelling? Well the landscape under their is impressive in its own right. There are ‘forests’ of different coloured seaweeds and long strands of sea grass that sport dandelion clock-like growths. A rare kind of sea horse is meant to live in that but I’ve never been lucky enough to spot one of those. The local authority are trying to preserve the habitat and limit the number of boats that moor close to the shore.

We saw many slender silver little fish, too many to count. There were blennies too including one that was about eight inches long. We snuck up close to a cormorant sitting on a rock. He was just feet away until he spotted me and dived off into the deep. And on the way back I became aware of a group of small boys shouting at me. ‘There’s a seal behind you!’ I turned to see a pretty young lady following at a distance of about twenty feet. Unlike a previous encounter no leg nibbling was involved!

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