Financially, the spell of single motherhood wasn’t always easy. Living on one salary, running a home and bringing up a child alone was a squeeze. But I’ve come to a turning point in my life where I can have pretty much what I want. The reason for this is straightforward. There’s not a huge lot I hanker over. Half a century plus is enough to have acquired pretty much everything that need.

The other reason is that I’m not a prolific shopper. I’m mostly happy with what I have already. Except dresses. I get bored with what’s in my wardrobe and occasionally ring the changes with mostly secondhand and sustainable purchases. My old stuff is gifted to the charity shops, a win-win situation. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve made a little resolution to myself that I would write a post about many of the new things that I buy to mark the event as a special occasion. Not the day to day essentials like groceries and cleaning products but the one off items. I decided that it could be an act of appreciation, gratefulness for a new possession.

I noticed that I needed some new slippers when I popped to the postbox over the road and the old ones fell off. They also developed a hole in the toe. I’m hard on this particular item of footwear because I use them in the same way that other people use hobnail wellies, trogging around outside in them in all weathers. Once I even bought an expensive pair with removable soles but will ‘fess up and say that I didn’t look after them properly. If I couldn’t find their bottoms immediately I’d just nip out to the bins without them. They didn’t last long.

My slippers are made by Dunlop of the ‘Green Flash’ tennis shoe fame. Those were coveted in my ’70s secondary school. The inner soles are cork, similar to Birkenstock bases that mould to my feet. They seem bombproof if I do a bit of impromptu mudlarking this winter. Thank you universe for this fitting find!

Disclosure: I may earn commission from purchases through a link in this post.

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