Sleeping Alone

In my years as a singleton I had no-one to keep odd nocturnal behaviours in check so they flourished. I’m a poor sleeper and it used to bother me until somewhere along the line I reached a state of acceptance and embraced those extra wakeful moments. Sleeping alone was a joy! My bed became a hive of activity. I eschewed the advice of sleep hygiene experts who say that it should only be a place for sleep and sex. Instead I read, wrote, did the Guardian Quick crossword, listened to YouTube talks, meditated…..I’ve even tried my hand at a bit of crafting but a bedful of beads isn’t much fun.

When I first met Hot Stuff all those night-time shenanigans came to a halt. Instead I lay in a wakeful, fretful state trying not to disturb that geezer who’d taken to sharing my bed. But invariably he stirred because I got fidgety and frustrated from lying awake doing nothing. Then he’d get fractious himself.

Plus we both snore like trains. While I’ll admit this readily Hot Stuff denied it until I tagged the video evidence on Facebook. During his period without a partner he’d developed his own habits too. He likes to have music on while he sleeps. It helps him cope with his tinnitus. I’m a patient person but sod that for a game of soldiers. Hot Stuff also insists on sleeping with the door ajar. Doesn’t he know that he’s opening himself up to attack from all those ghoulies and ghosties that go bump in the night?

So most of the time we spend night times separately much to the envy of most of my married friends. Hurrah! Sleeping alone has put pay to many of our tiff. I’ll wake up, perhaps at 2am, and joyfully get through a chapter or two or my latest novel, rustle up a blog post, do a bit of studying or listen to something edifying, If I nip out to the loo I can hear the dulcet snorting and snuffling from the open doorway of the room next door over a soundtrack of The Stereophonics. I leave him to it until the morning when we cosy up together with the first cup of tea of the day.

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  1. Absolutely! We have separate beds now in different rooms! It began when I was suffering insomnia and temperature fluctuations (yep, menopause!). We both sleep better and I still fidget for England, wake up for the loo at least three times a night and I don’t disturb himself. Just as well he is a monster when he has not had his sleep. Door open? No thank you, who might just walk in!

  2. I had the same sleeping arrangements with my late partner. It was the best decision we ever made. I could keep myself occupied when I couldn’t sleep without worrying about disturbing him and he was able to get his beauty sleep!

    • Sleeping together is the only disadvantage of being in the motorhome. I have to curtail my night time activities! I’m glad that there is another talking about keeping occupied during the wee small hours.

  3. I don’t blame you at all. After many years in the armed forces my husband prefers a single bed most of the time and I fidget and like to read in the middle of the night if I’m awake. Separate rooms most of the time is the way to go.

  4. Also separate beds here ! he snores like a train and fidgets, I am world’s lightest sleeper. Much better like this, and can have a well rested cuddle in the morning (important not to forget and get up and rush off into the day though, at least not too often…).

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