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Today’s picture is completely off theme, a play on words, because a picture of an over full skip isn’t the prettiest. We had to go to Somerset at the weekend to empty Hot Stuff’s old home. Its sale has progressed to the point of no return and it could not be put off any longer. We hired a skip, a big one that we managed to fill to the brim.

Now Hot Stuff has been off work for a good three months awaiting a diagnosis for something that’s laid him low. Without the stress of a day job there are signs of hope for recovery. But if he over-exerts himself we’re back to square one. It’s a tough lesson but one that’s providing insights. A couple of hours of grafting on consecutive days wiped him out. And there we were thinking that we might be coming out of the woodwork. We cannot express our gratitude enough to friends who came to the rescue and helped out. They worked their little socks off or hours, way beyond the call of duty even after taking into account the slap up Chinese takeaway that we bought to thank them.

I wrote about judgement a few months back and it came to mind during this process. If our skip had belonged to someone else I reckon I might have got my self righteous hat on. ‘How could they throw away all that good stuff?’ I would have thought. Furniture, outdoor gear, perfect good raw materials and clothes all went in. A few things got repurposed by our caped crusaders, neighbours and friends went skip diving, bits and pieces have gone to charity and some items were put aside for specific people. There’s a council heavy goods collection arranged. I also benefitted. I have a whole lot of china to smash for more mosaicking.

However there was so much more that could have been recycled, made into something new or used by others. What a waste! But we didn’t have the time or energy so realism had to take over and a bit of self compassion has come into play. Let’s hope the dumpster men have a good sort through. I wonder too if it is will make us more cautious about what we buy in the future and help us to recycle more of what we no longer need.

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