Here’s one I made earlier, a lot earlier in fact. This is the product of my only attempt at silk painting nearly twenty five years ago when I was an occupational therapy student. I recall that I really enjoyed making it. It was almost magical how the ink flowed on the material and didn’t cross the waxy lines that I’d used to draw the design.

My college had an art studio and a pottery run by two lovely ladies, Chris and Cynthia. The rooms were where we tried out creative activities to assess their therapeutic value. That was the official line anyway. My friends and I saw them as spaces to play and develop our love of crafting. I still get together with Red Mel and Spiky Kay to make things now.

Lots of the stuff that I produced as a student is no more. I know that occupational therapists are meant to be adept as basket weaving and some were. One guy on our course took it to a different level making massive containers out of foraged twigs. But it wasn’t my bag and my efforts were binned. A paper mache table was an early departure to the recycling centre too. I had high hopes that I could improve on my first efforts but in truth it was beyond saving. However some of the pottery was passable and is still around the house, mementoes of my college days.

My lizard painting has hung around in my sewing box for nearly a quarter of a century. I like it but I don’t know what to do with it. It seems too flimsy for a cushion and I’m running out of wall space to frame it as a picture. Any suggestions for giving it a new lease of life will be warmly welcomed!

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  1. What size is it? It would look amazing on the back of a denim jacket.

    If you have a preferred use in mind but you’re worried about the silk being too delicate, you could back it with a stabilising interfacing?

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