The grafting that I’ve been doing recently had paid dividends. In the last three weeks I’ve removed and shredded all the plant life from our boundary wall, moved a couple of tonnes of rubble to a skip and found a home for everything that was being stored in our backyard and alleyway. For some items that’s meant a trip to the recycling centre in the next town. For instance I got rid of two old bikes. Apparently they will be renovated by prisoners. I’ve very happy to donate to that project.

My hard work has come at a cost to life and limb. I’m covered in cuts and scratches from all the brambles that I’ve encountered. There were so many that the shredder blades had to be sharpened midway through the job. I also fell through some rotten decking behind the shed. I now have an impressive pair of bruises on my legs. But the labouring has given me a consistent workout. And for the first time in 2022 I have outside space to sit in.

To celebrate I bought a bottle of red from the Coop in town. I haven’t had any wine since we were in Spain a couple of months ago and I’d been hankering for a glass. Can I recommend their Fairtrade Shiraz, on offer for just a fiver at the moment? It tastes much more expensive, super smooth and fruity. When I got home I retrieved my recliner from the motorhome, poured myself a glass and then promptly fell asleep. A snooze in the afternoon. Bliss!

So here’s a couple of shots of the garden, soon to be transformed over the autumn and winter months. The decking is coming up to be replaced by more resilient paving. Decorative plants like that palm and bamboo are coming out and will be donated to friends. The side walls is being rebuilt and the alleyway will house a boat and cycle store. The footprint of our shed is also doubling to accommodate all of Hot Stuff’s tools so I get my sun room back.

I’ve been inspired by our produce production. Look at all those tomatoes! There’s cucumbers, chillis and a few herbs in that small space already. But I want to grow more to eat. So we’re looking to create a quirky veg plot to supplement the allotment right outside our back door. But it will have to be pretty enough to double up as future siesta space too!

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  1. It’s looking good. our backyard has turned into a jungle and needs a lot of attention. We too are going to pull up deck for probably a poured patio. I do have siesta chairs already to be used.

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