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Behind the scenes I am working on some of those big jobs that I spoke about before. I finished cleaning all the carpets in the house yesterday. That included a couple of rag rugs that I intend to sell as we no longer have use for them. There are other more exciting projects that are still ongoing. I’m hoping to be able to show off the fruits of our labours some time shortly.

One of the other jobs that I’ve finally completed is shredding a f*ck tonne of paperwork. This included stuff generated after a clean out of my filing box, a load of stuff that came with Hot Stuff when he moved here and old work diaries. It seemed a monumental task with the old jam prone shredder that I had. But I seized the bull by the horns and cracked on. The job included clearing paper jams every few goes. That was until a piece of paper got well and truly wedged.

So I decided to take the machine apart. Armed with a screwdriver I set about the task. But I couldn’t seem to open up the housing fully. I could see inside the machine but couldn’t fish out a piece of paper that had firmly wedged around one part of the shredding mechanism.

So I prayed. I’ve decided that I might do more of that. ‘Please help me to mend the shredder.’ I asked. And when I returned to the contraption a previously unseen screen revealed itself. ‘Just like that!’ as Tommy Cooper might have said, but quite a peaceful a-ha moment. I got the machine started but left it’s casing loose. I realised that the problem wasn’t one that was going to be fixed. There was a point in the mechanism that was worn. The paper was always going to get stuck there.

I reckoned the universe was telling me to buy a new shredder. My old one would never be up to the task in hand. I’ve treated myself to The Amazon Basic Shredder. I felt that I had permission from a higher power! It wasn’t quite the cheapest model but it had good reviews. Oh, and has it done the trick! The rest of the papers, perhaps a third of the total that I’d started with, went through with ease. No jams, no overheating.

The old shredder is in the recycling bin. It’s done its job. The new one will be used more regularly now I won’t be in fear of those dreaded jams. The chore won’t pile up. And all those little bits of paper that I’ve produced. Well they are off to the shed. I’ll add them a layer at a time to the compost bin between plant matter and vegetable peelings.

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  1. I have gone through three shredders (self-employed, generate quite a bit of confidential paperwork that doesn’t need to be kept after the work has finished) until I bought the Amazon Basic one – I think it’s lasted three years now and still going strong!

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