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A random tweet that I saw the other day brought back a story from Louis’ early teenage years. It was nearing Christmas or a birthday and I was thinking about present buying. He needed a new phone pronto. The one he had wasn’t charging properly and a battery replacement would have cost more than the value of the thing itself. Good old built in obsolescence! We’d already had a couple of incidents where it had run out of battery life when he needed to call to be picked up. Anyway I found one online for a good price. I was quite proud of myself for picking such a bargain. So I approached my son and mooted the idea about it being a an early present for him. The response I got wasn’t what I expected.

‘No thank you I don’t want it.’ He was absolutely adamant. I pressed him a bit further because, after all, the phone had really good reviews. To my astonishment he started to cry. ‘No! Loads of the boys at school have got that one. I don’t want to be a sheep!’ What could I do but back down.

I have to say part of me felt pretty proud. It showed that I’d raised a child who’s his own person and not a follower. He’s still that way, not part of the flock but happy in his own fleece!

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  1. Good on him. My kids just wanted functional and to their own preferences, but ever so often something the crowds had called to them.

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