It’s the weekend! A quiet one, thank goodness, so there’s a bit more time for some leisurely cooking. There is a rather delightful programme on Amazon Prime,  James May, of Top Gear fame, fronts ‘Oh Cook!’ It’s a programme for people whose skills in the kitchen are lacking.  He has a lovely lady called Nikki, who he calls out from a cupboard whenever her assistance is required.  It happens rather often. Follow the link for the recipe book for the series. It’s where we learnt about Shakshuka.

Of course much of what goes on is just food porn.  We just lick our lips, dribble a bit and dive for the crisp supply in the cupboard to sate our screaming taste buds.  There’s often not much chance that we’re going to replicate the recipes.  However one from this show has become a staple.

Shakshuka is a spicy Middle Eastern dish of peppers, tomatoes and eggs. Here’s a link to the recipe.  A bit of Internet research suggests it might be quite a well known dish in trendy parts but I live in Devon, where, hell, a lasagne can still be considered a bit exotic.   This is wholesome food that’s easy to prepare.  It’s a healthy alternative to a fried breakfast.   Look at the colours of those raw ingredients! However on less virtuous days, like yesterday, we’ve found it goes rather well as an extra accompaniment to bacon, a sausage or, as in today’s main picture, a helping of refried leftover chips.

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