Seasick Steve

As the blurry picture of Seasick Steve on my blogroll attests we made it to a festival this year. Sitting in a field, eating random food washed down a pint of ale and listening to music with my friends is up there as a favourite thing to do. I have to say that the experience was a little more subdued than usual. I like to be down the front in the mosh pit. This year, I watched the proceedings from a socially distanced camp seat further back just so the lurgy couldn’t get me.

I’m not a music radio fan as I’m not keen on having someone else’s playlist inflicted on me. This has its disadvantages. I’m way behind when it comes to finding out about artists that I actually might like. Somehow both ‘The Killers’ and ‘Stereophonics’ passed me by until recently and I’d only got a sniff of Radiohead. Hot Stuff is quite astounded about my lack of knowledge of recent music. By recent I mean from the mid nineties onwards! I rely on the recommendations of friends and family, chance encounters from the soundscape of life, the occasional trawl through Spotify and live gigs to expand my repertoire. There’s bound to be gaping holes.

How I’d never come across Seasick Steve I’ll never know. I hadn’t heard him until he was the headline act at this year’s Chagstock. I wasn’t just bowled over by the massive sound, a booming baritone accompanied by a selection of homemade guitars including one made from a hub cap. Steve weaves a story about his life where he retains an air of mystery too. Was he a hobo? Did he hop on freight trains? Even his age is a bit of enigma as it seems that Steve could be anywhere between seventy or eighty. Anyway I’m hooked. So what if, in reality, he leads a pretty regular life in Norway with his wife. I’m hooked in. Now his music often accompanies me on my moorland commutes up to the Big House.

There was a WTF moment during the performance but apparently it’s a regular thing. Now I have a new thing on my bucket list. I too, would like to be hauled up on the stage after Steve has professed his love of beautiful women. I may be too old for him but it would be great if Steve could sing ‘Walkin’ Man’ just to me!

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