Searching for Sugar Man

Can I recommend Searching for Sugar Man? It’s a 2012 critically acclaimed, BAFTA winning movie and I’ve watched over and over? Sometimes it’s available free on Amazon Prime but, at the moment, you’ll have to pay a teeny bit to watch it. It’s a feel good documentary that tells the story of a singer/songwriter Sixto Rodriguez. Everyone I’ve introduced it to has been blown away. On top of a great storyline the film has just about the most amazing soundtrack that I’ve ever heard. I feel blessed myself because I’ve discovered such an amazing musician and songwriter. I often listen to the music of Rodriguez in the car. I’d describe it as edgy folk rock with incredibly poignant lyrics.

In the early seventies Rodriguez released a couple of albums in his native US, ‘Cold Fact’ and ‘Coming from Reality’. They sold poorly so you’d think that that would condemn him to musical oblivion.  But then the records ended up being taken to South Africa and got shared round. Today people would describe them going viral and their sales even surpassed those of Elvis! I have an friend who is Afrikaans. He has similar music taste to my own and confirmed that the songs became anthems of the anti apartheid era.

The weird thing was that no-one in South Africa knew anything about the man behind the music that had become such a cultural phenomenon. All sorts of rumours abounded. The film tells the story how two fans set out to find out what had happened to him. It’s hard to write more about ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ without introducing a spoiler so I hope that a few of you might head on over and watch the movie to find out yourselves.

Just to whet your appetite here’s a track from the first album. Such an amazing sound that captures that early ’70s vibe so well!

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