Sea Flowers

On the first day of October I’d worked from home and not really seen daylight. It was glorious outside. I checked the sea conditions because I’ve watched far too many of those lifeboat rescue programmes. The forecast was calm so I decided to go for a reviving after work swim.

There were two other women down at the cove, and a cormorant. They’re often there diving in and out of the water. No seal though. My fellow swimmers and I shared our fear of him. One of them told me that her friend had actually been properly bitten. She’d worn shoes with a shiny silver stripe on them and I think one of them was mistaken for a mackerel!

As I swam out I spotted sea flowers. There were chrysanthemums floating along, two tangled together. I tried to rescue them to photograph but they shed too many petals. I’ve borrowed this picture from Pixabay instead.

This is not the first time that I’ve found sea flowers. Being a mad hippie chick, of course I see them as a sign! Just over three years ago I found a single red rose and then Hot Stuff turned up just afterwards. I wonder what these chrysanthemums foretell?

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