Scrumped Crumble

A post filled with naughtiness today. I went over to the allotment yesterday to dig up our paltry harvest of onions before the forecast rain set in. On the way back I picked some blackberries that are growing wild on the edge of one of the paths. I’ve been taste testing them for a while and it’s the first time that the ripe fruit are sweet. ‘All I need now is some apples.’ I thought. And then I had an idea.

There’s a plot near ours with an apple tree. So I retraced my steps and I scrumped three of the windfalls. After all they’d only be eaten by birds, rodents or insects. But there really wasn’t quite enough to go with the blackberries so I had another idea. On the way back from my swim later in the afternoon I picked some more apples. There’s another allotment site and a tree overhangs the road from a disused corner plot. What a devil! It meant that I had enough fruit to make a scrumped crumble.

And here it is. Now I’m very particular about the crumble recipe that I use. I don’t want anyone getting ideas about giving me their own with fancy ingredients like nuts and oats. No, I keep it very simple and only use plain flour, butter and sugar in a 2:1:1 ratio. To cover fruit in my tin pie dish I need 6oz flour, 3oz fridge cold butter cut into small chunks and 3oz sugar. I whizz all three together in my Magimix until I get a crumb. Then I just pop it on top of the fruit. I added a bit more sugar this time as the apples were really tart. I then cook my crumble at 200 degrees celsius for forty minutes.

And here’s a hearty portion of scrumped crumble, served with the last of the clotted cream ice cream that I made a few months ago. I’ll have to make some mre The perfect buttery, fruity dessert. One I think that will have to be repeated throughout the free fruit season!

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  1. Gotta love an apple and blackberry crumble! Especially when the fruit is free!
    I have added all sorts to crumble, oats, coconut, chopped nuts and my conclusion is that free from added ingredients is the very best. Crumble mix is yummy in itself. My friend used to make hers with wholemeal flour it was vile, all heavy and like a lead biscuit.

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