In the main I don’t watch anything on TV that reminds me of where I work. Hospital and anything blue light-ish are usually no-nos. ‘Time’ with Sean Bean was a case in point. I gave it a go but it was too realistic. Funnily enough it wasn’t a scene of violence that prompted me to reach for the off switch but the sight of a blue plastic government issue plate. My poor little amygdala needs a rest from the real possibility of encountering threat around the next corner. Give me something gentle like ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ or ‘The Repair Shop’ anyday.

Scrubs was an exception. I might have watched every episode. And now my son is a bit of an addict too. He mainlined box sets on Prime last year. It’s well written, funny and the characterisation is clever. Although there’s a bit of gore it’s nothing that I can’t cope with. This video from the very last episode gives a flavour of it. The song by Peter Gabriel is beautiful.

I wear scrubs to work myself these days. The first lot that I had were a pretty lilac with pink edging tape. Later on I learned that they were made by the army of seamstresses who took to their machines in the first throws of the pandemic. Thanks ladies. On the other hand they might have been made by a bloke Let’s not be sexist here. I’ll say ‘Good on you sir’ too just in case. After nine months of constant wear they were looking a little scruffy. I’ve now received new uniform, factory made in a smart navy blue. They’re just the job, very smart. But the best thing about scrubs, whatever their hue, is that they’re so comfy. It’s like working in jim jams!

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