Scouting Memories

This note popped up on my Facebook timeline a few weeks ago. So I thought that I’d share some of the Scouting memories it evoked. The ragged piece of paper dates back to the time when my Louis was a wee one. He joined the youngest section of the Scouts at about the age of six. His nana, who’d been Akela in a cub pack in her younger days, was delighted.

Now his leader at the time was one of the sweetest men that you could imagine. He exuded innocence. Perhaps that’s why he saw nothing untoward with this note that he put on the door in advance of the next week’s first aid session. Both I and another mum with a similar smutty ‘Carry On’ sense of humour fell about laughing when we came to collect our kids. More seriously minded parents were not amused by our childish titters.

And here’s another sign that I spotted in the equipment storage area of the same building when it was being used as the changing room for a Gang Show. Sound advice indeed. The Scout’s sister organisation shared the same venue. I’m pretty sure that the girls wouldn’t have responded well to being coated in lubricant!

Louis had a long career in Scouting. He went through the ranks from Beaver to Explorer Scout. Unlike me when I was a Girl Guide he wasn’t a badge collector. He just enjoyed the social life and varied range of activities. A bar of soap went to two consecutive week long camps and came home untouched in its little plastic box. Sadly his enthusiasm fizzled out during the Covid lockdown when the European Jamboree that he was supposed to attend got cancelled. He was so disappointed. But there is a happy ending. He’s now sharing his house in Cardiff with one of his best friends. They met when they were both Beavers all those years ago.

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    • I was surprised that there wasn’t hearty laughter all around. Mind I heard one of the other parents telling her son off for telling fart jokes once as well. Obviously not everyone has a puerile sense of humour.

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