Saving a Fiver

Today’s picture is a random coin from past travels. Interesting isn’t it? You never know when these snapshots are going to come in useful. But let’s get on track. My reflection for today is an update on my post about Kakeibo, the Japanese art of budgeting. A more detailed analysis of my spending has already resulted in saving a fiver each month.

‘That’s nothing!’ I might hear some scoff. Indeed it does seem a little underwhelming to me. But when you add that up over a year it’s an extra sixty pounds in the pot. That’s more than we spend on a week’s groceries. It could pay for one quarter of an off-peak ferry crossing to France. Or it’s nearly a tank of diesel for the car. That normally lasts us a month. It’s all good stuff. As someone who’s watched the pennies for years I’m normally pretty savvy. I’m already on board with lots of money saving strategies so it’s getting harder to see where we can make those extra cost cuts. Saving a fiver feels like squeezing the last few precious drops of juice out of a lemon. I have to say that it is rather satisfying.

I could have kicked myself when I found that I was paying a duplicate subscription to the Guardian. It lets me access that online crossword that I’m so fond of. It was actually a bit of a tricky conundrum as it wasn’t showing up on my direct debit list. Eventually I worked out that I’d set up two payments with different email addresses and they were each coming out of a different account. Problem solved and a fiver saved. ‘Every little helps’ is the old mantra. It’s got me thinking about whether there’s more little tweaks to be had. A few more of those annual sixty pound savings could become very significant indeed.

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  1. It’s true the saying, every penny counts. While it takes a bit to accumulate, there’s nothing to lose and all to gain finding money leaks.

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