It’s Sunday, an important day in the Christian calendar. In the past nearly everyone in England would have trooped off to their local church. Now it’s habitual for just a small percentage of the population. By the way this is one of my own photos of Wells Cathedral, there in the top 5 of my favourite buildings in the world. I love the scissor arch that dominates its nave. This is a picture of it from an odd angle where it appears rather curly-wurly-esque. All it needs is a layer of chocolate!

The Biblical commandment ‘Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy’ makes complete sense to me. One day off in seven to reflect and rest seems entirely sensible. However my own interpretation has a twist. With the approval of a Christian friend who does the same thing, I spread my ‘Sunday’ out over the week. I take weekly breaks from some of my habitual activities, crafting, cooking, working, spiritual reading, studying and exercise for instance. Oh and I nearly forgot blog writing. A little break stops that. from becoming an obligation. I like to think that it keeps my posts as fresh as a daisy.

The day that I take off varies according to what I’m up to socially and workwise. And my Sabbath isn’t necessarily on the same day for each category of activity. I’ll skip meal preparation at the weekend say, by ordering a takeaway, getting one of the boys to cook or using up leftovers. And I might have a midweek rest from physical activity if my working day has been particularly busy or on a day where the commute is onerous. There’s one area though where I have the same day off. I always have a rest from Duolingo on a Monday. The really keen competitors get off to a flying start at the beginning of the week. I then get put in a league on Tuesday with the rest of the slackers.

There are still lots of things that I do near daily. Teeth cleaning (x 2), showering, taking medication, meditation and gratefulness practice are all deeply ingrained. Missing any of these activities is a rarity. But the acknowledgement of the need for a break from many of life’s routine activities seems an important aspect of self care. I’m now embracing that wholeheartedly. It saves a lot of guilt.

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  1. That’s given me a lot to think about – I certainly am tired of hurtling through the week and my responsibilities! Thank you.

    Your cathedral pic is really special and definitely curlywurly 🙂

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