Russians Love Their Children Too

I try to keep things light despite what’s going on in the world. We need respite from news of terror and I’m trying to provide that. However I haven’t got my head completely buried in the sand. Of course, my heart goes out to Ukraine. The brave people of that country are often in my thoughts and prayers. But I also wanted to mention my empathy for ordinary Russian people. Sting’s song with the line, ‘Russians Love Their Children Too’ came to mind the other day. It seems relevant now even though it’s from a previous era when different leaders were in charge. When will they ever learn?

I believe that the majority of the world’s citizens want a quiet life doing things that are meaningful to them, nurturing and being nurtured by the people that they love. As those meerkats say ‘Simples’! I’ve mentioned before that I follow Ana, a Siberian YouTuber, She is such a gentle soul who vlogs about mindfulness, creativity and minimalism. I believe that she proves my point. It’s only a tiny minority of screwed up individuals who want to spoil it for the rest of us. They’ve lost sight of what is truly important. Maybe they’re that way because they have haven’t had enough love themselves?

To a significant extent our path in life is influenced by the geographical area we were born and brought up. The way that information is presented to us affects our choices and beliefs as well. As a mother of a teenage boy this has been on my mind. By accident of birth he is not being sent off, inadequately resourced and informed, to fight an unnecessary battle. Mothers from both sides that have lost teenagers are in my thoughts too. Anyway, here’s that heartbreaking but beautiful song.

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  1. I totally agree with you. To read so many of the young Russian soldiers are conscripts and parents/loved ones may never really know what happened to their sons if they are killed. The leader(s) call for war and the ordinary folks suffer. So much suffering in the Ukraine with families torn apart.
    My husband was in the RN and on a ship diverted to the Falklands during the war in 1982. I wept when the General Belgrano was sunk, so many lives lost. He spent time on the hospital ship SS Uganda where both British and Argentine casualties were being treated with care and compassion for all. Again, many Argentine conscripts.
    I watch Ana’s vlog too.

    • Thanks for sharing the Falklands war memories. Why doesn’t the world learn? I’m glad other peoople have found Ana too. She’s such a wonderfully gentle human being.

  2. Stings voice has been in my head for these weeks. I cried when my son registered even though there was no draft, but knowing he could be was brutal. He’s likely beyond drafting age, so the mother’s of new 18 year olds can have their deserved cry- even if they’re in Russia.

  3. I remember being drawn into this song the first time round, was living in Devon at the time. I feel for both sides – for the innocents and the victims – all down to the ego (and abject subservience/fear of his minions) of one dangerous man.

    • I’m trying to have compassion for Putin too. What has lead someone to be so hateful? I’m guided by teaching that we should love everybody however evil their acts. Still it is a hard ask.

    • Thanks for sharing. That street art is heart wrenching. I spare a thought for Putin. Working in prisons has made me realise much more the actions of people who do troubling things often stem from very troubled pasts.

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