Rude Medieval Coaster

I reckon that title got your attention! Last week I had a lovely surprise in the post. My friend Aril at Gnat Bottomed Towers sent me this rude medieval coaster. It has been given pride of place under my cups of teas. No-one has ever bought me a depiction of a nun trying to persuade a cat to hand over an erect willy with the offer of the fish before. I’m also loving how a man seems to be waving his underpants through the window too! I am touched.

‘Is this for real?’ I asked Aril. She assured me that this is not a parody of medieval art. Indeed a little piece of research has shown that this engraving produced in 1555 the Rilksmuseum in Amsterdam. Another blogger has helpfully written an interesting article. Follow the link here if you’re interested. They suggest that the nun might have been tempted to procure the willy for carnal reasons. Ooh missus!

Aril also pointed me in the direction of another medieval painting where a fair maiden is picking fruits from a penis tree. As I surmised the other day it seems that, like me, our ancestors loved a good willy joke too!

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  1. Willy jokes aside – is the man in the window not possibly waving his face mask !! I have just noticed that – does the nun not have another much smaller willy hanging from her rosary chain? 😹

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