This little robin joined me when I paused during a walk the other day. I think that I’ve heard somewhere that robins get bolder in winter because the risk of starvation outweighs that from adverse contact with humans. Maybe their courage combined with good looks makes them Britain’s favourite bird. They’re a veritable national treasure. No wonder they adorn so many Christmas cards at this time of year. When I mentioned this to an American once they were astounded. They too have robins, but they are a bigger, burlier species who aren’t quite so photogenic.

Here’s another shot of the same little fella. Or girl. I haven’t a clue what sex they were as both male and female robins have the same plumage. You will note that ‘Robin Redbreast’ has actually got an orange chest. That’s because they were named before the time that the colour ‘orange’ had a name of its own. The lovely little creature had the courtesy to pose for me in a holly bush. It’s a shame that my picture is a bit fuzzy and I cut off its tail. Sorry that I fluffed the photo opportunity!

And this is an earlier ‘up close and personal’ robin moment. Louis sent it to me when he was having a sit down during a walk. Many believe that robins are spirit animals, a sign that departed loved ones are near. Now which one of our ancestors might have been trying to communicate with my son here?

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