I like to make a risotto. Not only it is a cheap and tasty meal but it also gives its creator the opportunity to get a bit tipsy whilst all that stirring is going on. What’s a girl to do when a recipe calls for a large glass of white wine and there’s the rest of the bottle left!

My ‘go to’ is this pea and prawn version. I think that originally it was a Jamie Oliver recipe but I’ve made it so often I’ve pretty much memorised it over the years. After frying a chopped onion in butter I add the rice and then the wine. It’s then a matter of stir, stir, gradually adding in chicken stock until the arborio rice is cooked. And glugging at the same time as well. I think that the Italians like the rice al dente, with a bit of bite but as a good old Brit I like my rice cooked a bit better than that. This is the first incidence of going off piste with the classic recipe. It would probably have Antonio Carluccio turning in his grave.

When the rice has nearly cooked (approximately one glass of wine later) I’ll add the other ingredients, prawns, peas, herbs and some seasoning in this instance. An extra knob of butter before serving the risotto and its nearly good to go. All that’s needed is some grated cheese. Now I never have parmesan in the fridge so a bit of good vintage cheddar does the trick. ‘Sacre Blue!’ I can almost hear Antonio uttering, or whatever the Italian version of the curse might be!

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  1. We like a roasted butternut squash and chilli risotto. It started off as a Slimming World recipe, but has developed into a CatPiss Towers recipe including cream, lashings of wine and parmesan cheese. Not so Slimming World now! But very delicious!

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