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Two and a half months on I’m still off work with burnout and have been told to rest. Ha! In an ideal world I’d take myself off to some idyllic retreat. With family on board it’s not that easy. It’s like the time after I had an operation to sort out carpal tunnel syndrome. Louis was a breastfeeding baby. The surgeon told me not to lift anything at all. Right! How was that going to work? This time around Hot Stuff hasn’t been running on full steam. He’s thankfully on the mend after a long bout of illness. But there are still days when he’s wiped out. And Louis has been working with a long-ish commute. Someone has to keep us fed, watered and maintain a semblance of order. That’ll be me then.

To all intents and purposes I don’t appear poorly. If I stick to routine tasks I’m fine albeit slow. It’s when I add in extras I come unstuck. Taking Klaus the Knaus for his MOT this week took its toll. The wonderful news is that he passed so the effort was totally worth it. But any chores like this, over and above the norm, are a massive deal. My nervous system kicks into overdrive. No wonder I get tired when I feel that I’m being chased by a tiger. I rise long after I’d be in the car for my commute. I have one of those granny naps after lunch. And bedtime is at nine. My clubbing days could be well over. Then again it’s a long time since I preferred dancing into the wee hour rather being tucked up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate.

I have good news though moving forward. After my consultation with the GP surgery last week the lovely ‘menopause nurse’ at the practice prescribed HRT yesterday. Alongside a pill I’ll have a patch. I have a video too so I know where to stick it! I’m very hopeful that it will reset my endocrine system and stop all this nonsense. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime I’m trying to follow doctor’s orders. So what does rest, aside from abnormal napping, look like in a busy, busy world? Well I have a ‘To Do’ list but it is short. I try to celebrate the small achievements as I tick things off. I pace myself spreading my chores through the day. If I don’t get everything done, hey ho, there’s another day. The important one is that I am not giving my head too much to do. I’ve got some important decisions going forward but they can wait. And if I’m busy doing something pleasurable one day I make sure that I schedule in easy days before and after.

On that note I’m off on the early train to London tomorrow to meet up with Aril from Gnat Bottomed Towers tomorrow for one of our grand adventures. We’ve exciting things planned. No doubt we’ll tell you about them in later posts. But to build my strength I’m not giving myself very much to do at all today. And Sunday looks like it will be another lazy one so that I can recover!

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