Reef in Exeter

We missed seeing Paul Weller in concert the other week even though we had tickets. Both of us were feeling too whacked out to manage a late night. But we were determined to see Reef in Exeter. I’m taking a dose of my own medicine here. In my occupational therapy practice I always used to tell people who were struggling with their energy levels to pace themselves in the main. However if they had a special occasion I encouraged them to push the boat out and possibly suffer the consequences afterwards.

And so it was that we met up with friends in Exeter, our Reef buddies, with whom we’ve seen the band three times in the last four years. The band hales from Somerset and Gary Stringer, the lead singer lives so local to our mates than they know him personally. Their kid attended the same swimming class as his. This might contribute to their intense fandom. First up though were a nineties indie rock band called A, a bugger to find on Google but I’ve done the work for you. These guys rocked and their banter was funny too. I did wonder though why the lead singer didn’t take his coat off though. He must have been boiling.

And next up were the main attraction. Such an amazing band live which explains repeat attendance at their concerts. Now my usual fuzzy concert shots aren’t quite as crap as usual because we were really near to the front. In fact everyone there had a superb view as the Phoenix Arts Centre is quite small. Intimate, I think it’s called in common parlance. This is Jack Bessant, one of the band’s members. It’s what happens when you cross Santa with a guitar.

As is usual for my concert posts I’ve added a music video. Now Reef’s music is eclectic. Some is mellow but other tunes have a rock feel, I think reminiscent of AC/DC. It didn’t surprise me that Gary Stringer is a fan. Anyway this one is recent, a half decent cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘The Chain’.

So was I knackered the next day? After all I stood for three hours, sung myself hoarse and didn’t get home until after midnight, way past my current bedtime. The morning of the day after was a write off. Was it worth it though? Absolutely!

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