Random Photos From My Album

Every day about lunchtime I have a regular ‘Random Photos from My Album’ spot on my Twitter Feed. It’s a post that I really enjoy. It gives me the excuse to look through all my pictures online and reminisce. I randomly choose a date and scroll until I find something to download that takes my fancy. So today I thought that I’d do the same here and see what I spot. First up Southend Pier on a chilly December day near dusk.

I posted this middle of a dahlia the other day and came across it again. Isn’t it sunny?

Here’s one of my favourite views. It means that we’re at the front of the ferry queue at Plymouth on our way to Spain or France.

Here’s what happens when there’s spare pastry over and your bloke makes the pie. Childish or what?

Some time ago I did a post about the misericordes at St David’s Cathedral. Here’s another delight that I spotted there, a wonderful tapestry.

Ah! ‘My boys’ in the local pub on quiz night. I think we may have even won that night. The prize? A large gin and tonic each as if we needed any more alcohol.

Glastonbury Abbey on the night that Red Mel and I went to see Robert Plant and George Ezra. Now how’s that for a line up?

The time that Louis put half a bottle of bubbles in the jacuzzi bath.

Wonderful detail from a fountain in Bordeaux. I was so taken by it that I had to keep going back for another look.

This is a weird one. It shows what happens if you leave the juices from a roast in the tin undisturbed overnight.

A wonderful figurehead hanging from the ceiling in Plymouth’s new museum, The Box. I hope you’ve enjoyed the random photos from my album just as much as I did picking them.

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