I’m never going to win any awards for food photography am I? I struggle with getting pastry neatly in the tin. But my homemade quiche is tasty enough for my boys to reques it again and again. This is a minor miracle. They are never backward in coming forward when they don’t like something that I’ve served up. Ungrateful blighters!

The quiches that I make are mostly very conventional egg and bacon mixtures with a bit of veg thrown in. Go and google a recipe and jiggle it around to suit your preferences. I make my pastry with butter. If there’s cream in the fridge I’ll use that in the filling rather than milk. And I don’t skimp on the cheese. I’ll add loads of ‘blow your socks off cheddar’ to the custard mix and then grate a bit extra on top for good measure. Diet food it ain’t but it’s not the menu everyday. A little of what you fancy and all that.

Sometimes I go off piste but that can lead to interesting results. Last year I made a prawn and spinach quiche and used those little frozen pellets to fill it out. It was very green in hue. Very good it was too, I thought. . And so healthy with all that iron. The boys were not so impressed. ‘Watch out Louis’. advised Hot Stuff. ‘If you eat too much of this you’ll be pissing nails!’ Just one example of what I have to put up with. This kitchen might have to close!

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