Previously I wrote a post about lovely Deborah from Oh-My who makes beautifully crafted pieces using pyrography. It was something that I’d tried previously in my occupational therapy student days. I’ll confess that my efforts then were utterly naff as were my attempts at basket weaving. We’re teased as a profession for this particular skill. If it were a proper test of my competence to practice I’d be struck off.

To satisfy my inner pyromaniac, and encouraged by Deborah, I thought that I’d give the wood burning another go. One of the reasons for this was that I thought that it would be a good way of adding inscriptions to the back of wood backed mosaics. Anyway that was my excuse for forking out some dosh on a piece of kit.

For under £15 including postage I got a Lidl version on Ebay. I suspect that this would not cut the mustard for serious pyrographers. It doesn’t have heat control and the removable inscribing tips are limited in scope but it’ll do for me. So here’s my first go with it. Not up to Oh-My standards but better than my previous attempts. Those dots that add contrast are what pleased me most. Producing them provides a satisfying whiff of burning and the occasional smouldering piece of sawdust. Instructional videos seem to think that this is a bad thing but I disagree! In case anyone else needs extra inspiration here’s a link to the Gillartwaves blogpost where there’s more incredible examples of this craft.

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