Print From A Parallel Universe

When I saw this picture it brought about a sense of deja-vu. It’s a print from a parallel universe for it reminds me of my favourite cove, just a stroll down the hill from where I live. I paddle there in my yellow sea kayak and swim as well.   The seals often pop up. A big bull seal has taken a particular shine to me. It must be my perfume. The feeling is not mutual. I’m terrified. I cowered on a rock the other day waiting for him to go away but he kept coming back up every time I tried to venture back in the water. Eventually two knights in shining swimsuits offered to guide me back to shore.   I’m very grateful for their help but yes, it was all a little embarrassing.

However  this lovely image, seemingly  a snapshot of my life is by a printmaker who lives far, far away so she can’t have caught my antics from the rocky beach.  Tina Juvonen was born in England but now lives in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s  a beautiful part of the world ,with the same chilled vibe as the south-west of England.  I know it well as friends live there.    Tina works  with lino, using a technique called reduction printing.   One sheet is carved more and more before each colour is added.  I’ve done it myself and it can be a scary process.  You can’t go back if you make a mistake so the piece has to be meticulously planned.

Tina has given me permission to share this beautiful picture.   It’s called ‘Spirit Connection’ so maybe those parallels aren’t so surprising after all.   Please follow this link to ‘Tina’s Fresh Press’ to admire her other wonderful work.  As a crow lover I’m loving all her depictions of black birds as well.

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