Praia das Catedrals

Our trip around the Galician coastline took us to some marvellous places.  There are some places that we’ll definitely be returning to but we’ve only scratched the surface of this amazing region.   Some of the time we had prime spots almost to ourselves.  However the Cathedrals Beach, Praia das Catedrals and Playa de las Cathedrales in Galician and Spanish respectively,  is not one of those. You’ll notice that by the number of random peeps that got in the way in my photographs!  It’s  a national monument and attracts tourists in their droves.  If you ever plan a visit you need a permit at certain times of the year.  Luckily we missed high season by a whisker so were free to roam.

The beach is famous for its wonderful rock formations of cathedral-like grandeur which are mainly only accessible at low tide.  We decided to cycle there from the peaceful aire at Barrieros about half an hour away.  The route along quiet roads passes mile after mile of surfing beaches.  It promised to be a glorious trip.   Low tide was scheduled for about midday when we planned to visit.  Plenty of time to get Hot Stuff up and out, or so I thought.

But my old man was definitely in holiday mode.  Leisurely didn’t even begin to describe his demeanour in the mornings.   Time ticked on.  We didn’t leave the motorhome until  way after 11.  But finally, finally once  we’d cycled along some truly stunning coastline and faffed around finding somewhere to park the bikes we got down to the beach.   It was heaving as befits a place with coaches parked along the cliff top.  And somewhere along the line we’d got our timing wrong.  The tide was definitely on its way back in.  As the sands were flat it rushes in  at an enormous rate.    Some tourists had mistimed jaunts far along the beach.  There was a lady in a raincoat who was chest deep in water between the main cliff and a stone stack.  I’d say that she was inappropriately dressed for the conditions.

What we saw was pretty impressive but not far off from some of the rock formations on the Cornish coast.    I wouldn’t have been happy if I’d travelled miles and miles to make a visit but glad that we saw it in passing.   And it seems that we were unable to access some of the most impressive parts of the beach.  So we’ll be back. Next time though we’ll reach Praia das Catedrals in a more timely manner. I’ll make sure of it!

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