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Here’s a little distraction for your morning coffee break. A work colleague introduced me to The Political Compass. It’s a test that provides sixty odd propositions to reflect on. You base your answers on how you’d like the economy and society to be run. Do the results indicate that you are left or right wing, authoritarian or libertarian? The answers are analysed and hey presto! They’re popped onto a grid which provide you with an insight about your political ideology.

How did I fare? I was not surprised that I came out as a true libertarian pinko-leftie. However, to my amazement my views were further left than any of the main political parties. The grid helpfully showed their stance at ,the last general election in 2019. I was nearest to the Greens but didn’t vote for them. Perhaps I might use the tool to help me decide where my allegiances lie in future elections.

Hot Stuff did the test too. On the face of it he has very different political views to mine and has nearly always voted Conservative. Yikes! I forgive him because he’s lived in a rural area for a lot of his life and was also self employed. Being true blue goes with the territory. It seems that we’re very ill suited ideologically. Oh dear! Do I need to chuck him out?

In real life though we agree on many things. And Hot Stuff has always been quite clear on his political persuasion. ‘I’m centrist through and through.’ he maintains. His results in the political compass confirmed that. He was placed almost dead in the middle and not in the realm of a rabid Nazi. Seems like he might be a keeper after all!

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    • I read about a comparison of US and UK politics once. It said that our most right wing government ever was further to the left than any US government (?in modern history). I found that interesting. I could be wrong but wonder if the left wing is shackled to a degree by practices and beliefs that are very ingrained in wider US culture. Stances on healthcare, gun law and the penal system come to mind.

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