Plan B and C and D…

So a little bit of an update on the A-Level front. I’m a proud mum. My son, Louis, got really good grades. Even so they weren’t enough to get him to his first choice of university. But he did have enough UCAS points for his reserve offer. Now Louis has decided that he doesn’t want to go there! He’s not keen on the city or even his choice of course. And there was I getting ready to load the car up with shiny saucepans, three years supply of Pot Noodles and enough Lynx to stop his flatmates complaining of the nasty niff! By the way I had to tell my own mum to ease up on buying too many boxes of bulky Tampax before she sent me packing. It’s time to set Plan B and C and D… in motion.

To be honest I’m not dismayed. I’ve never been convinced that he was the engineering type anyway. University is expensive these days. A quick back of the envelope job suggests that it costs about £75,000 for three years on a modest budget these days in fees and living costs. What is the point of getting into that much debt if a subject doesn’t thrill you? I’m also going on my own past experience. My first degree was a bit of a train crash because I didn’t think it through carefully.

So we’re now working on other ideas. They are coming thick and fast. There’s a lot of options open to a lad with good maths and science grades: Other degrees courses this year or the next, apprenticeships, an extra A-level, working to pick up transferable skills or to fund a bit of travel when it’s allowed…the list goes on and on. It’s just a question of picking the right option. Easy huh?

A year of breathing space is looking pretty likely before my boy heads off into the sunset. He’s taking time to think. The preliminary plans look very promising indeed, much more in alignment with his personality, strengths and what he likes to do. And in the meantime, that bulk bought Lynx is going to come in handy closer to home!

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