In this house we all agree that pizza is god food. At the risk of sounding like foodie knobbers we always make our own from scratch. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve used sourdough as a base. However good old yeast based dough does just as nicely. We go with what the mood fancies at the time.

The topping is fairly standard. Not too much or else it get’s soggy. I can testify that myself from past experience of pizza making with kids. They tend to make a replica of Mount Vesuvius in food. A thin sliver of tomato puree, some deli meat usually premium stuff from Spain or Italy, mozzarella of course, and some grated cheese suffices. Smoked cheddar has been a welcome new addition in recent months. A bit of goat is nice if that’s up your street. Hot Stuff and I love sliced mushrooms. Louis doesn’t. So the pizza in our house always has a third part where there isn’t a fungus in sight.

That’s it really. Just a bit of seasoning and then it’s blitzed in the oven on the hottest setting until it’s golden and bubbling . Oops, I forgot to mention herbs when I listed the ingredients. I use dried mixed ones not the fresh ones that other people swear by. What’s the point when you’re going to bake something at a temperature that would have the devil rubbing his hands with glee?

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