Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast has to be one of my favourite places for a stroll of fair to middling difficulty on my Breton holidays. It’s the old coastguard path between the pretty village of Ploumanac’h to Tregastel beach in Perros Guirec. There’s loads to see these days in spite of the absence of smugglers sneaking in their hordes: stunning coves, stone carved buildings, flora and fauna, a lifeboat station and amazing rock formations carved through years of weathering by the sea and the elements.

Now the rock formations on the Pink Granite Coast have names. There are signs with carved granite numbers where you’re supposed to look out for a particular feature. But be blowed if I know where you can find out what you’re looking at. Maybe a local tourist office could help? Anyway what you spot may be up for dispute. I definitely think that the one in the first picture looks like a polar bear. Maybe he was the inspiration for the one on top of a Foxes Glacier Mint. However Hot Stuff disagrees and insists that it’s a seal. And what’s this? A crab maybe?

Ah! One that we both agreed on. A bottle! I’ve taken a previous picture of me pretending to glug wine from it.

I’ve found out that this one is supposed to be a witch. Now I thought that Fred Flintstone might have been peeping out from a rock.

We thought that this could be a fist or perhaps a pasty. That might not have occurred to the French. Their cuisine does not feature such hearty fare.

I’ve let the pictures do the talking in today’s post. But I thought that I’d leave you all with a little bit of homework. Is there anything that you can see yourself in this formation?

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