Whenever we have a roast dinner we nearly always make a pie afterwards to use up the leftovers. In my mind this is better than the roastie itself. No two are ever the same. We’ll use leftover meat and veg and anything else that’s hanging around. Commonly chopped up onion, garlic, carrots and mushrooms form a base, The juice might be based on gravy or a white sauce. And let’s not forget the pastry, made with all butter of course. It’s always a double cruster, that encloses the filling. To my mind the person who invented a pie with just a top crust was a very bad man indeed.

Here’s the last pie that we made. It’s a joint effort. Hot Stuff sees himself as a bit of a pastry chef and I’m in charge of the filling. This one was influenced by Jamie Oliver’s Hodgepodge Pie, a recipe for using up used up turkey. A fantastic idea for a Boxing Day lunch perhaps? Ours was made from chicken and half a chorizo sausage that was lurking in the back of the fridge. However we were inspired by Mr Oliver to add leftover stuffing into the mix. Very good it was too and so thrifty. It stretches the meat from one roast dinner to serve about ten portions.

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  1. Oh, this looks so delicious 😋 I have never made a pie, seems out of my league cooking wise but I might ask my partner to step in and cook one for us😂

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