Peg Bag

There is that much quoted William Morris adage about having nothing in your home that you don’t believe to be beautiful or useful. This is not the case here at the moment. Both my boys are moving in stuff. Louis has decided to decamp from his Dad’s house and of course Hot Stuff is in the process of a house sale. It’s carnage! The last thing that I should be doing is adding extra possessions myself. Except…

My clothes pegs are kept in a plastic box at the moment. When I hang out my washing I keep having to bend down. Now I know a workout would be beneficial now and then for fighting the flab but I’d prefer to pick my times for exercise. I needed a good old fashioned peg bag to hang on the line. Surely that would come into Mr Morris’ useful category?

Of course I could have made one but I’ve got a creative to do list as long as my arm. So I popped over to Etsy and chose this peg bag from Viv Robinson Textiles. It’s roomy, saves my poor old bones and of course it’s fitting for a seaside home. And maybe the local gulls will think that I’m part of their fan club and stop attacking me on my morning runs next summer.

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