Peaky Blinders

Here’s another one of my photos from when I visited Brum at the end of last year. My chummers and I thought at the time that the canals at night looked a bit like a Peaky Blinders set. At any moment we were expecting Thomas or Arthur Shelby to pop out.

I’m mega excited that the final series of the drama will be on our screens later this month and will have the popcorn at the ready. This enthusiasm about a TV programme is surprising on two counts. Aside from arty-crafty stuff I’m not a massive telly watcher. I’ve got too many other things to occupy me. Also I’m not a fan of violence and horror. I am the woman who watched the first twenty minutes of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ with my eyes covered by my jumper and with my fingers in my ears. Even then it was all too much and I had to leave the room. It was as if I could still sense emotionally what was going on!

But I love Peaky Blinders even though there are parts where I have to hide behind a shield of 4 ply wool whenever there is a threat that proceedings are getting a bit lairy. I peep through the holes in the weave until the violence escalates. I’ve recommended it to other scared-y cats too. It ticks so many boxes; the cinematography, superlative acting, the amazing storylines and the beautiful costumes. No wonder I’m hooked. For those who haven’t seen it do think about giving it a go, maybe starting from Series 1, Episode 1.

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