Parking Angel

Does anyone else have a parking angel?  He/she/they are invaluable around these parts during the busy summer season.  I invoke mine to find me a spot in busy car parks.  It never fails to work. Another of my friends swears by her railway angel who helps trains turn up on time.

My boys, with their down to earth analytical brains, are immensely scornful of the parking angel.  Louis, my son, even use this particular practice  to demonstrate to his friends just how mad that his mother is.    My boyfriend pooh-poohed the suggestion that a higher being might have been responsible for us getting the only parking space in a busy Lidl on a Saturday afternoon.  He said something about statistics that I didn’t listen to properly.  It’s far more fun to believe than to rely on that boring probability stuff.  After all I think that I manifested him as well!

Of course it’s a bit of fun, a joyful exercise that brings out my inner child’s desire to make a wish.  But there’s part of me that thinks of it as a serious spiritual practice.  If I’m not happy co-creating the small things with higher beings how could I ever think that I’ll receive help with the more important stuff in life.

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  1. Yes! I always say ‘pray to the Parking Angel’ and a space appears. Perhaps it would have been there anyway but it defuses the tension of searching for a space in a busy car park. It (she?) has never failed me yet.

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