Out of Season

Here’s a picture that I took the other day. It seemed that a whole bunch of gulls were auditioning for a part in the remake of the birds. They circled overhead but thankfully weren’t too menacing. They’re much less aggressive than in the summer when they have their bairns in tow. Out of season they tend to leave you alone.

As you’re probably aware many have left homes in the cities lured by the prospect of living in scenic holiday spots like my own home town. While I’m sure that many people are happy with their new lifestyle I’ve also heard that some are moving back to the cities. The slower pace of life, lack of super duper internet connection, patchy phone coverage, poorer transport infrastructure and a relative deficit in cultural pursuits are all things that I understand that folk have found irksome after their move. I heard someone the other day was moving back to the South East because the climate here was too wet. I’m pretty sure that the darker months are even more taxing for those used to a faster pace. To some extent life is put on hold. Businesses shut and there is even less going on.

I’m a Londoner by birth and than had an Essex childhood but I’ve now lived in Devon for my entire adult life . Even as a teenager a pace of life that was slower than in the South East appealed. Out of season is even slower. But these quieter months are a favourite time with their own beauty.

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  1. We lived in Slapton for about 20 months ish (was a long time ago!) and could see then that those who could afford to live there when the weather was good and there was entertainment aplenty were the ones who removed themselves in the quiet season back to their city lives. That was when we preferred being there. When the locals were in the majority. Sadly we just could not afford to stay and had to follow the job, I still look back with a twinge of regret that we did not buy the house in East Allington but it was just too much for us.

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