Allegedly oranges are not the only fruit but there’s certain a lot of them in our home. Hot Stuff has taken our bulk buying to a different level. He’s bought a box of huge oranges that came direct from a Spanish farm from CrowdFarming. I have to admit that they’re a delicious way of boosting our daily Vitamin C intake. They are sharp and sweet at the same time.

Our navel oranges, complete with their cute little belly buttons, came from a farm in Valencia. They’re untreated so look a bit gnarly but it means that you can freely use the peel in cooking projects. I’m going to have to research what you can actually do with the peel from 3.5kg of fruit. The package comes with extras, just in case any of the produce is damaged. Three went mouldy after a couple of days probably because of the lack of herbicides.

There’s other produce available too. I’m half tempted by a box of avocados. Normally Hot Stuff sees these as devil food because of the deforestation issues associated with their production. ‘Worse than a Ferrari’ was one of his quotes when one appeared in a shop! The ones from CrowdFarming are grown organically in Spain so get his seal of approval. The problem is that I’m the only one in the house that eats them and the smallest box has over twenty five fruit! That would be an awful lot of smashed avocado with marmite on toast.

As well as buying singular boxes of produce CrowdFarming also allow you to adopt a tree or field and share the produce from it. There’s citrus fruit, those virtuous avocados, olives, nuts and flour to name a few of the things on offer. And I’ve just spotted onions from Roscoff. If we’re weren’t growing our own I’d be sorely tempted as these are totally delicious beasties. But I might be persuaded to adopt a mango tree. It would give us something to look forward to in September when our first crop would arrive. Now we could get through those in no time. Every one of the fussy eaters in my house likes them.

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