One Stitch at a Time

I’ve dabbled in needlepoint for the last thirty years. It’s always from a kit. This is unlike the other crafts that I play with. Usually I make stuff based on my own ideas. But’s it’s great to have something on the go less taxing on the brain. I think that’s why this is my ‘go to’ craft in the motorhome. Perhaps I don’t want to think much on holidays.

Many of the kits that I’ve bought have been from Ehrman tapestries, the company that gave the wonderful Kaffe Fassett a break years ago. This is the guy who inspired me to take up needlepoint years ago. His work was so different. Before that the subject matter was always country cottages or bunches of flowers. The Ehrman kits are expensive but I’ve always bought them on sale. And pound for pound it’s a cheap craft. Each new one takes hours, sometimes years to complete.

This one is based on a Roman mosaic. There’s many marine inspired bits and pieces in my home. After all I live by the sea. It progressed quite quickly after I rescued it from the motorhome during the COVID-19 crisis. I may have been confined to barracks but my crafting took a turn for the better in 2020. The hardest part is always making up the cushion. It takes a good few days to cut the fabric, make the piping and sew it all together. How those people on the Great British Sewing Bee knock up a ballgown in five hours I’ll never know!

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