On a Galician Beach

To keep the old man happy I’ve introduced him to holiday locations that look the spit of South West  but come without the crowds.   After all when I met him he didn’t have an in date passport so had to be re-introduced  to international travel gently.  ‘How about  Galicia?’  I suggested back in 2019.  At the mention of Spain he imagined all inclusive, arid scrubland and gift shops selling straw donkeys.  But I persuaded him to come to North West and he was hooked.  We’ve been back again this year. Here’s what it looks like on a Galician beach.

‘It’s like Cornwall on steroids.’ says Hot Stuff of Galicia.  There’s miles and miles of rocky headlands alternated with beaches with the whitest sand backed by beautiful wooded mountains and hills.   And hardly a Brit to be seen.  The food is cheap and delicious.  Think about all the luxury seafood that would cost a pretty penny in the UK.  It can be had for fish and chip shop prices here. And the local Albarino wine is not too shabby either. I’ve seen that poshed up these days back home. Here we got a bottle to share as part of a lunchtime meal deal.

So why aren’t my fellow countrymen coming here in droves? Well firstly transport links are poor.  There aren’t any big international airports in the area and the ferries from Portsmouth and Plymouth take a whole day each way. Maybe that wouldn’t put people off too much if airport chaos continues. Perhaps the main problem is that bright sunshine can’t be guaranteed.  It’s a green lush area of the Iberian Peninsula because it rains a shedload.  The climate isn’t dissimilar to that of the UK.  But while Blighty sweltered in the recent heatwave  we didn’t boil our heads off here.  It’s why it’s a popular area with the Spanish themselves. They come here to escape the heat.

I’ll finish with a picture taken one night from our motorhome window just as the light was fading. There’s plenty of park ups for us like this that are free or cost just a few Euros. Despite a bit of rain and occasional chilliness we’ll be back to explore some more.

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  1. That looks fabulous. I’ve been to Asturias which is further east – similar in that it has a beautiful climate, sandy beaches and is not heavily populated by tourists. I have recently flown to France and back and although our flights weren’t cancelled or even delayed the whole airport experience was vile. I’d much rather take a ferry.

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