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I wonder if I became a student occupational therapist just to gain unfettered access to a marvellously resourced art room and pottery. In the late nineties the course had a more practical and less academic bias than it does now. Who knows if my profession is better for the changes? I think that I have the answer but I’ll keep shtum.

In the guise of analysing activities for their therapeutic usefulness we were introduced to lots of different crafts, pottery, mask making, paper mache, silk painting…..oh and of course basket weaving! I remember that my efforts at pyrography, burning images on wood were underwhelming. Before the days of the likes of Pinterest and Instagram, inspiration was lacking. I think I probably went the whole hog with the scorching process and recycled my piece on the open fire when I got home.

There’s a lady called Deborah in Wales who brought these memories back to mind. If only I’d know about her back in the day she might have given me the impetus to make something that I might have treasured. Deborah ‘fire draws’ on wood and her work is full of magical creatures on richly coloured backdrops. Hares feature heavily and that’s always a good thing in my book. I’m particularly taken by these intricate acorns. I’d love one to add to my Christmas tree decoration collection. It seems that other people have the same idea. Deborah has a massive following of avid fans. As soon as anything is added to her online Etsy shop, Oh-My , it’s snapped up. Maybe after the festive season I might get lucky. Fingers crossed!

But for the moment I’ll content myself with admiring this stunning craftsmanship at a distance. Just look at this bowl. It’s too good not to share. And it seems like Deborah’s work might be getting an even wider audience. Look out for Oh-My on Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas that will be aired for the first time in December 2021.

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  1. I am the lucky owner of one of the most beautiful baubles, featuring a Moon Gazing hare. It is truly more stunning in reality than on the page. These fabulous creations are like gold dust and disappear as soon as they appear on the website, so I was totally thrilled that I managed to buy one.

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