Number Twos in the Motorhome

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Now here’s a nubbly question about number twos in the motorhome. Are they allowed or not? People have differing views that range from the liberal to the downright draconian.

We have a Thetford cassette toilet. I’ve added a link in case anyone is interested. However I’ll ‘fess up now. Our replacement to freshen up Klaus the Knaus wasn’t new. Hot Stuff found it secondhand on Facebook marketplace and gave it to me for Christmas. Is that one of the most romantic presents ever? Thankfully, it was perfectly clean when we got it.

Its old defunct leaky predecessor didn’t have wheels but the new one has. I was absolutely delighted for they’ve transformed my life. Now ‘the walk of shame’ to empty the cassette is a breeze. Instead of lugging it around in an undignified fashion it glides behind me. I imagine that I’m a perfectly groomed member of British Airways cabin crew and hold my head high as I wheel along my pretend hand luggage! So what if the reality is that I’m in my jim jams trailing a box of poo!

Now disposal points are a mixed bag. They need to be visited every two or three days. It’s a necessary evil. They come in a variety of forms and can sometimes look like an outdoor loo. I found a friend’s son who was camping with us sitting on one once. He’d misinterpreted my directions to the toilet block. They’re normally clean but there are exceptions. And they seem to be a magnet for small children fascinated with the emptying process. ‘She’s doing it again!’ a group of little ones once yelled as they saw me heading to the disposal point. They’d run over crowd around and comment on the proceedings. Is nothing sacred?

So back to that question. Are number twos allowed in the motorhome? As I’ve already indicated, the question is a definite yes. The van is our second home after all and we try to replicate the things we’d do in our brick built house. However if we’re near a toilet block we’ll use that in the daytime if the weather is nice enough for a short walk. Other people that we’ve met have stricter rules. One couple that I met had a dubious solution. They lined their toilet pan with supermarket carrier bags. It negated the need for disposal point usage. Instead they threw away the ‘waste’ in litter bins. And friends of ours never use their unless there is no other alternative. The male of the couple insists that his wife stomps over to the loos at night in all weathers. Sod that!

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