Barbara’s soapy jugs were proving quite a handful. Photo: Nudinits

One day I might grow up. But until then I’ll be a fan of ‘Carry On’ type comedy rammed full of innuendo. Give me a good willy joke and I’ll be there chortling to myself. The teenager is the only one in our household to disapprove of my humour. ‘You’re so childish, mum.’ Louis will tell me when he finds me laughing at a particularly phallic root vegetable. I not sure when it was that he turned in a male version of Ab Fab’s Sapphy.

Photo: Nudinits

It’s no surprise that I’m drawn to the Nudinits, a glorious resource that never fails to raise a giggle. These naked people live in the village of Woolly Bush. Look! It’s even got its own version of the Cerne Abbas Giant. Their one is called ‘The Big Man of Bushy Mound.’ There’s so much well thought out detail to marvel at.

Photos: Nudinits

All the inhabitants of Woolly Bush are knitted and proudly naked, even the vicar! There’s double-entendre aplenty. Barbara is one of the residents and is regularly featured in all her woolly glory. She’s out camping in this picture and is sure that something had slipped through her flaps during the night.

Photo: Nudinits

And there’s that vicar that I was talking about earlier. He’s enjoying a good blow in his rectory. Ooh missus! I’m marvelling how the good people who create the Nudinits come up with so much innuendo. I take my hat off to them. Or should that be my underwear?

Here’s another regular, Bernard. In this shot his conkers were hard enough to swing! Right. That’s enough smuttiness for today. I think that I might wee myself soon. For much more of this sort of thing follow the link and head off to the Nudinits website. Among many delights there are free knitting patterns!

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  1. Grow up? What’s that then? A bit of smut and carry on humour rules around here. I wonder sometimes if I got stuck at 6 years old, the mention of a Willie still makes me snigger! Oh dear!

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