Noddy Clock

It’s funny how my mind works on a tangent. It drives my boys crackers. I expect them to keep up if I change tack but they struggle. I don’t understand why. My spurious mental links make absolutely perfect sense to me. The other day I saw a picture of a vintage clock on a social media site. It was nothing like my Noddy clock from my childhood but sparked something in my long term memory. So I went off in search of it on Ebay. There were lots of examples so I could buy a replacement if I ever think that I might want one. This is it, nicked from a seller’s post.

The clock was made by Smiths from the fifties to the seventies. I think it was a Christmas present when I was very wee but I’m not entirely sure. I was probably far too busy playing with the boxes to notice what I’d been given. I was that kind of child.

I wonder if it’s still at my Mum and Dad’s house. However even if it were I’m not sure if I’d give the Noddy clock house room now. I recall it has a very loud tick and I’m a light sleeper without any help. It also had a very raucous alarm that drew me away sharply from the Land of Nod What I remember most though was the moving head of the main character. He was indeed Noddy!

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