Hot Stuff, my better half (ha!) is probably the least romantic man in the world. He’s never bought me flowers in spite of some whopping great hints. But for the past three Christmases that we’ve been together he has brought home the tree. He says that it makes up for it but I’m still working on a massive bouquet, or failing that a bunch of daffs.

This year though, we have made a last minute decision not to have Christmas decorations. Hurrah, the Somerset house has finally sold. Our only home is piled high with stuff from the last hard push to merge dwellings. It’s definitely not conducive to festive cheer so we’ve decided to forego the fir. Instead you’ll have to make do with a picture from last year’s tree.

I’m a bit of a sucker for Christmas baubles and try to buy new ones every year. The Christmassy seal, so fitting for my Brixham home, was a souvenir bought in 2020 from Mungo Lil’s on the Hill, a tiny shop full of loveliness, that is just yards from the most southerly point of mainland Britain. I couldn’t resist a few of their fused glass ornaments which are made on the premises.

This year I’d bought my wacky fairy from Little Bird of Paradise Editions. She was ready and waiting to adorn my tree. I told Marie, who made her that I’d send a picture but it’s not to be. Instead I’ve popped her on my bedroom ‘Mad Wall’. She seems at home there but will hopefully fly down and jump on the 2022 tree when we’ve got ourselves straight. I’ve tied her self portrait to her back. As she’s tea-dyed the string that I used was popped into the pot after a brew to colour it to match her!

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  1. Ahahah, a Christmas fairy with no tree.. Turning into a Mad Wall Fairy 😂
    Well I am pretty sure she is just as happy there 😉
    Have a wonderful Christmas! ❤️🎄✨

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