No Spend

Here is my piggy bank, yes a charity shop find. Cute isn’t he? Changes in the way that communication is billed have rendered him redundant for his original purpose on the telephone table in the hall. Now I use him to collect up coins that I find around the house that don’t have an obvious owner. I sometimes find them in the washing machine because I’m not a good pocket emptier. Oops! My boys nag me about that. I have washed an entire wallet in the past.

Most of you will have come across the concept of having No Spend days. The most famous of these is Buy Nothing Day which falls on Black Friday, a time when others are shopping until they drop. I’ve made mostly feeble attempts to participate in the past. Then I fall at the last hurdle, for example, realising that I’m missing an absolutely essential ingredient halfway through cooking. Or I’ll run out of fuel on my commute if I don’t top up. Perhaps someone invites me out for an unexpected pint. I’m pretty much always up for that. It’s not as if I’m going to refuse to stand my round. And what if there is an absolute bargain online that day that really is too good to miss?

I see that lots of thrifty/frugal people are effortful around No Spend Days, setting themselves targets, say for a precise number of days in the week or month. Me? There’s probably two or three days a week where I regularly don’t break into the bank. I relish and celebrate them. They give me a sense of having enough. Yet they’re not something that I try hard to achieve anymore. They comes about as a by-product of a pretty simple lifestyle.

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