No Sofa

At the moment we have no sofa. The one that I bought a decade ago has gone to the local Hospice Shop. A couple of nice men came to collect it yesterday. I did attempt to sell it on Facebook Marketplace beforehand but it only came to the attention of a poorly disguised scammer. Has anyone else had trouble with the customers on that site? Transactions rarely seem to go smoothly. I’ve a few stories to tell.

My sofa wasn’t cheap when I bought it nearly new on Ebay. It’s a Stressless manual recliner . I recently had a look on the company’s website and that they still retail new for a pretty penny. But even though it was good quality I never found it comfortable to stretch out on. Maybe that’s why its previous owners go rid of it. So it has to go. My friend Mr Metrosexual says that it isn’t really that uncomfortable to sit in so I hope that it goes to a new home where it’s appreciated. In the meantime I’ve draped this wicker chair and footstool with blankies. It’s pretty cosy but not the ultimate look that I want.

We’re building a massive window seat in its place. It will have storage to temporarily house some of the boy toys that are currently in my sunroom and dining room. That will be their home until Hot Stuff gets around to building a shed in 2023. He’s doing the carpentry. It will be the first of his woodworking projects in quite a major overhaul of the house.

My role in the project is to upcycle mattresses from my bed and the motorhome to make some snuggly cushions. I plan to create a nest, perfect for reading and an afternoon nap. At the moment I’m enjoying looking at upholstery fabric. There’s so much choice but I’ve come up with a few ideas. Surprisingly both Hot Stuff and I have agreed on a couple of designs on my shortlist. Sacre bleu! But we’d better crack on for we don’t have anywhere for friends to sit when they visit at the moment. Once our window nook is completed I’ll show off our joint handiwork.

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